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Jet Washing Every Stockport Property Needs

Katy's jet washing services are designed with the needs of homeowners and property managers in mind. We provide the most powerful cleaning equipment available on the market and work around your schedule to achieve the best results possible. With us, you can rely on a discreet and prompt service that won't interrupt your working process or family routine. There are no harmful chemicals used in the process, so you can rest assured that the service is completely safe for your family, guests, and clients.

Varied Options for Jet Washing in Stockport

Whether you live in a Victorian home, or you run a commercial establishment, we are at your disposal to offer you the best care for any property. Combine any of our services and we will offer you a special discount! Choose from:

  • Jet washing: any garden and outdoor space needs the of professional services to make it safe and welcoming. We bring along industrial jet washing machines that clean effectively patios, driveways, and poolside areas.
  • Window cleaning: we offer a safe method of window cleaning that uses only purified water to clean all kinds of windows in residential and commercial properties without any harsh chemicals and with zero disruption to your routine.
  • Brickwork cleaning: our powerful jet washing machines remove instantly natural growth, pollutants, and leftover mortar from the facades of old and newly constructed buildings. In just hours, your property is given a fresh makeover.
  • Graffiti removal: spray can paint stands no chance against the high pressure cleaning technique we apply. Rely on professional and discreet approach to restore the walls and facade to pristine condition and erase all traces of paint and pollutants.
  • Wall washing: whatever the material of your property's walls, we have the right machine and technique to make it gleam! With the best equipment available on the market, we deal away with grime and moss in a prompt and safe manner.

How to Arrange Your Service with Katy's Jet Washers Stockport

Get in touch with us over the phone or online - customer care agents are in attendance 24/7 to answer your call or provide information via the live chat on our website. You can also use our contact form to schedule a callback. A company representative will offer you a personal quote tailored to suit your needs and guide you through the booking process. Don't forget about the special discounts we make when you order any two or more of our services - save time and money by booking more.